Ignite your passion.
Connect with your people.

Change Maker Academy was created to help you turn your passion for health and fitness into a powerful purpose and wildly successful career.

While the Change Maker book and online courses will help with both, there’s nothing like spending time with a carefully curated group of passionate health and fitness professionals to share ideas, trade stories, and re-energize for the coming year.

Why the Change Maker Summit is special.

The Change Maker Summit is about quality and over quantity, which is why we keep attendance limited and focus the event on one-on-one coaching and small group mentorship vs. one-to-many presentations, constant pitching, and product booths.

As most conference goers know, some of the most interesting conversations–and best learning experiences–happen in the hallways between lectures. So we’ve expanded the “hallway” moments and reduced the “lecture” ones.

Learning plus doing.

Make no mistake, while there’s plenty of learning (and CEUs) available, this is a different kind of immersive, participatory experience. Attendees will be asked to be fully present, engaged, and intentional.

For these reasons, and more, Change Maker Summit isn’t for everyone. That’s why there’s an application process to attend.

Interested in learning more?

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2023 Summit
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