Connect and learn.
Practice and integrate.

Change Maker Academy was created to help you turn your passion for health and fitness into a powerful purpose and wildly successful career.

That’s harder to do when you feel like you’re all alone, out on an island, trying to figure everything out for yourself. Or when your peers feel more like adversaries than allies. That’s why we created Change Maker Meetups…

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Interested in joining a meetup?

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Want to spend time with like-minded peers in your area? Want to learn and grow with people pursuing some of the same goals?

By plugging into one of our supportive groups, you’ll be able to connect with–and share resources with–other committed, passionate, like-minded professionals.

Even more, you’ll be able to practice what you’re learning in the Change Maker book and online courses in a helpful and encouraging environment full of people rooting for you to succeed.

It’s been said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So, professionally, who are you spending time with? And is it time well spent?