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Chapter 1 Resources

Your Six Biggest Challenges and Opportunities

Chapter 2 Resources

Discovering Your Origin Story

Defining Your Purpose

Uncovering Your Unique Abilities

John Berardi’s Unique Abilities

Spending Time in Your Unique Abilities

Tuning In to Your Individual Values

Choosing Your Career

Making Wise Daily Decisions

Revisiting Your Purpose, Unique Abilities, and Values Over Time

Six Steps to a Meaningful Career

The Five Stages of Opportunity

How to Say No Gratefully and Gracefully

Chapter 3 Resources

The Jobs to Be Done Framework

How to Use “Thinking Aloud”

Strategies to Use Instead of “Jobs to Be Done”

Chapter 4 Resources

Coach-Centered vs. Client-Centered Outlook

Compassionate Listening Questions

Awesomeness-Based Coaching Prompts

Setting the Right Kinds of Goals

From Goal to Action Worksheet

Translating Goals Into Skills and Practices

Precision Nutrition’s 5S Formula for Goals

Confidence Testing

Four Coaching Scenarios

The Super Seven Coaching Principles

The Five Whys Worksheet

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Chapter 5 Resources

Effective vs. Efficient

Your Time Diary

Schedule Time for Thinking

The To-Do Tournament

Four Strategies for Getting Better at Prioritization

The Tripod Marketing Formula

What Can You Give

The Hopeful Future

Your Elevator Pitch

Survey Selling

The Tell People What You Do Challenge

How to Leverage Your Communities to Grow Your Audience

Building Your Systems

Six Important Hiring Lessons

Balancing “Inside the Wall” and “Outside the Wall” Tasks

The Five Most Important Business Skills

Project and Prioritization Questions

Chapter 6 Resources

Reaching Out When Others Have Done Great Work

Nine Important Qualities to Build Your Reputation

JB’s Three-Part Reputation Formula

Template for Responding to Feedback

Template for Asking for Feedback

Seven Strategies for Giving Better Feedback

The STATE Method for Crucial Conversations

Four Strategies for Having Crucial Conversations

Knowing Your Goal

Ten Ways to Cultivate Wisdom

Eight Reputation Principles

Chapter 7 Resources

Evaluating Continuing Education Worksheet

Areas to Develop Beyond Your Specialty

Your T-Shaped Curriculum Worksheet

Seven Learning Formats, Rated

Finding Mentorship

The Triangulation Method for Decision-Making

Your Educational Tournament

Prioritizing the “Big Rocks”

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Each of these resources was taken from Change Maker: Turn your passion for health and fitness into a powerful purpose and a wildly successful career.

With thousands of certifications, seminars, websites, and gurus promising advice, it’s difficult for even the best pros to their passion for health and fitness into meaningful—and measurable—career success.

Enter Change Maker.

In this definitive career guide, Dr. John Berardi — co-founder of Precision Nutrition, founder of Change Maker Academy, and one of the most successful people in the history of the health and fitness industry — shares his blueprint for becoming the ultimate change maker, one with a powerful purpose, an enthusiastic client base, and the ability to fund your own ideal lifestyle.

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The health and fitness industry is huge, competitive, and confusing to navigate. Change Maker helps you make sense of the chaos and lays out a clear roadmap for success.

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Change Maker: Turn Your Passion For Health & Fitness Into A Powerful Purpose and A Wildly Successful Career.