Praise for The Career Blueprint: What Other Health & Fitness Pros Are Saying About Our In-Demand Course


Over the course of your life, you’ll spend over 90,000 hours working. Despite making up such a large portion of our lives, most of us never take the time to get clear on what career path would be best for us

Check out what these Change Makers have to say about our life-changing course, The Career Blueprint, and go “all-in” with confidence on your next career move. With so much of your life on the line, you really can’t afford not to.


I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew that I didn’t want to go backwards. Over a 35 year career I have developed many skills to a very high professional standard. Before the course, I felt like I had too many choices, but no clear direction on what to do next.

Before the course my confidence was a little shot, I’d gone from running successful classes and personal training sessions to being in lockdown. I felt more than a little lost.

The course was well paced, not too much or too little, I had time to complete all the tasks and move forwards without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Because of The Career Blueprint, I know where to put my energy. I also can assess whether something — such as another course or book — would be useful for what I want to do and achieve.

I feel more aligned, and congruent with my purpose. 

– Denzil Bentley

I was unsure about what path to take in the fitness industry and I was totally overwhelmed. Figuring out your path in an industry you have more or less zero experience working in, is hard.

That’s why I loved the course! Some of the other changemakers had much more experience than I have, and they were very helpful in providing feedback and guidance.

What I loved about the Career Blueprint was that it constantly challenged me on my own perception of myself, while at the same time being supportive, helpful and clear on which directions I might develop both professionally and personally.

When I had to sit down and make a 5-year plan I saw all the puzzle pieces come together.

Now, I feel more calm and confident. I know that what I’m about to do is aligned with my purpose, unique abilities and values. Knowing this is a game changer, and it gives me even more energy to start the next chapter in my life.

-Mathilde Nancy Willkens

Before taking the course, I had no clear idea about what I’m really good at and why I’m better at certain projects and tasks than others.

While I was happy with my position, I had the feeling that I could do better if I just knew how. So, I committed to the 10-week program, and with the support of peers and instructors, I noticed its impact straight away.

Not only was I learning, but I was also spending time reflecting on life’s bigger questions. I learned a lot about who I am, how I work, how my work affects others, and what I really enjoy doing.

Now, I’m doing more of the work that I love, I better understand how to approach those I work with, and I have better working relationships as a result.

-Jasmin Togel

I knew being a strength and nutrition coach was my true calling, but I was paralyzed with imposter syndrome and lack of self confidence — even though I had success as a coach. I felt stuck and wanted to bring more to my clients but didn’t know how.

I would start strong with my best foot forward only to run into a brick wall over and over again. I would sign up for career-personal growth courses thinking this is the one to fix it, only to burn out, not participate and quit before the course ended.

The combination of the book work, the live calls and the connection with the other teammates created a safe and creative space to explore and rediscover my authentic self. I knew after the first week this course was very different and something special.

I now know why my unique abilities are well suited to be a strength and nutrition coach and I am finally 100% leaning into my new career. Not only are my clients smashing their goals but I feel confident in my abilities as a coach.

I am much more confident in my roles as a father and business owner. I am eternally grateful I signed up and showed up for the Career Blueprint.

-Jason Smith

I was struggling with my online nutrition coaching business. I felt stuck, unappreciated for my work, and I doubted my abilities.

The Career Blueprint was a journey of self exploration that helped me understand my strengths, my abilities, my values, my weaknesses, and most importantly, how that fits into my career.

I used to see career success from a narrow angle, but now I have a much broader perspective and options. Just after signing up for the course I had a major life twist that I thought would end my dreams of having a career at all. I was down and frustrated.

However, as I dug into the course with the guidance of my course instructors, I explored previously unseen options that would suit my new circumstances.

I stepped out of my comfort zone to complete a challenging project — it was something that I would have never dreamed of doing before this course. It was amazing and empowering.

Because of The Career Blueprint, I know that I can build the career of my dreams and truly change lives.

-Doaa Bazan

Gain clarity + confidence in your career.

You’ll work 90,000 hours over the course of your lifetime. Your career will impact your overall level of fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness. In 10 short weeks, The Career Blueprint will help you:

  • Uncover your unique talents,
  • Gain access to the hidden job market, and
  • Build the career of your dreams.

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